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Lauren Carley has years of teaching and performing experience

Lauren Carley provides teaching and performance support for opening your voice to the world and ownership of your stage, from the boardroom to the back yard, the elementary school classroom to the Metropolitan Opera.

Lauren teaches young through older adults who want to bring voice back into their life, students embarking on voice-over careers, young professionals, bookkeepers, architects, writers, elementary school music teachers, conservatory students, nuclear medicine technicians, editors, burlesque dancer/singers, clowns, and actors.

If you have come to learn how to nurture and grow a powerful, nuanced, sensual voice, then you have come to the right place.

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Lauren has taught and performed all over the country. Find out more about her story…

Hear Lauren talk about how rediscovering your voice can enliven your body…

Hear Lauren talk about how gaining confidence in your voice can increase confidence in other parts of your life…

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Sight Singing 101 for singers Continuing classes. Please e-mail: lacarley@gmail.com for start dates.

“My voice feels big and lustrous and just effortless. I never knew I could have that.”

Diane Ketchie, Alexander Technique practitioner